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Review 288. Shannon Hale – series: The books of Bayern.

This series came highly recommended by Emily from Reverie Rhapsody (and if you don't know her, you should check out her beautiful blog!) This is one of her favorite series and after devouring a book every day, I understand why.

179064The goose girl. 383 pages. May 13th 2005 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree, spends the first years of her life under her aunt's guidance learning to communicate with animals. As she grows up Ani develops the skills of animal speech, but is never comfortable speaking with people, so when her silver-tongued lady-in-waiting leads a mutiny during Ani's journey to be married in a foreign land, Ani is helpless and cannot persuade anyone to assist her. Becoming a goose girl for the king, Ani eventually uses her own special, nearly magical powers to find her way to her true destiny.
RATING: 4 STARS. This was by far my favorite book from the series (so far, I haven’t read Forest Born yet) and I think it’s because it’s based on a fairy tale. Ani – short for Anidori – is send away to a foreign country to get married to the prince. Her mother arranged everything to get more ties with Bayern. Ani grew up under her aunt’s guidance and that’s how she learned to speak with animals; a skill that isn’t appreciated by most. When she is on her way to Bayern, Ani is betrayed by her lady-in-waiting and she managed to escape. She takes the job of goose girl for the King until she finds a way to tell the truth.

Ani was a strong character. I liked how she embraces being different and how she uses her gifts. She becomes a goose girl without whining or feeling sorry for herself. Better, she starts to enjoy her new life and the freedom it gives her. There are no twists or unexpected turns, but that's not what this story needs. It was magical.

Enna Burning. 317 pages. September 19th 2006 by Bloomsbury USA children.
248482Enna and Princess Isi became fast friends in The Goose Girl, but after Isi married Prince Geric, Enna returned to the forest. Enna's simple life changes forever when she learns to wield fire and burn anything at will. Enna is convinced that she can use her ability for good--to fight Tira, the kingdom threatening the Bayern borders--and goes on secret raids to set fire to the Tiran camps and villages. But as the power of the fire grows stronger, she is less able to control her need to burn. In her recklessness she is captured by the Tiran army and held captive by a handsome, manipulative young captain who drugs her to keep her under his influence. Can Isi and her old friends Finn and Razo rescue her without sacrificing themselves? And with the fire still consuming her, will Enna find a way to manage the gift that threatens to destroy her?
RATING: 3 STARS. We already saw Enna in the first book, where she quickly became one of Ani’s best friends. I liked that we got to see her story. This book continues a few years after Ani’s marriage. Bayern is in trouble when Tiran wants to invade their country. Enna finds out that she has the talent to speak with fire and she uses that power to set fire to Tiran camps; until they capture her.

Enna was a bit out of control. I understand that she had to let go of the fire once in a while, but she made some pretty stupid decisions that led to more chaos. Her recklessness was sometimes a bit too much, but at the same time she shows that she is brave and willing to do anything for the people she loves.

River Secrets. 290 pages. September 16th 2008 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
2876228Razo has never been anything but ordinary. He's not very fast or tall or strong, so when he's invited to join an elite mission escorting the ambassador into Tira, Bayern's great enemy, he's sure it's only out of pity. But as Razo finds potential allies among the Tiran, including the beautiful Lady Dasha, he realizes it may be up to him to stop a murderer and get the Bayern army safely home again.
RATING; 3.5 STARS. Ahhh, Razo. Another character we saw in the first two books. He has something naughty about him. He reminded me a little of Puck from The Iron Fey series. I liked his development. In the beginning he is very innocent and not aware of his own potential. It was good to see how he grows and realize he has things to offer. I also liked that this story took part in another setting; Tiran. He is there to make sure that there won't be another war, but it's hard when there are many people who want to kill you to sabotage the peace.

I can't wait to read Forest born!

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MIM #1. Into the storm.

Welcome to my new feature, where I will be coming books and movies! I bet you can guess how I came up in the name, but in case you aren’t; Alice in Wonderland. You can find my inspirations in this post Fairytale news: other content.

MV5BMjMwODI2ODc3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDQwNjkwMjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Here is it! The first movie review I've ever written. I was planning to talk about music too, but to be honest, I wasn't paying attention to that aspect.

Release Information.
Director: Steven Quale.
Writer: John Swetnam.

Storyline (IMDB):
In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. Most people seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

3 lemondeBased on the fact that I don’t feel the need to buy it on DVD or to watch it again any time soon. It’s a good movie and I recommend watching it if you enjoy disaster movies, but it’s not the most memorable movie I’ve ever seen.

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7 Deadly sins tag.

the_seven_disney_sins_by_chill07-d36bb4lArtwork by Christopher.

I was tagged by Aylee - Recovering Harry Potter addict and Micheline - Lunar Rainbows to do this Deadly Sins Questionnaire Tag (created by BookishlyMalyza)

1. Greed - What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book?
1001004010441543If I don’t count free books, I would say 0.50 cents. I used to go to the second-hand bookstore all the time until it was shut down. I only buy new books now and my most expensive one has to be one of my school books. I would say Campbell – Biology with 84 euros. (I’m lucky enough that my parents paid for my books)

Other expensive ones; I think all the Dutch books I bought for 20 euros when I bought them in the store, before I knew TBD and switched to English YA.

2. Wrath - What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Lauren Oliver. I absolutely adored her Middle Grade books Liesl & Po and The spindles, but I hated Panic and the Delirium series. I’m very curious how I feel about her upcoming adult book.

3. Gluttony - What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?
I would say Markus Zusak – The book thief, J.K Rowling – Harry Potter and Juliet Marillier – Wildwood Dancing, Heart’s blood and the first three books from her Sevenwaters series. These are a couple of my favorite books in the world and I often reread them. I also reread quite some books this year, like Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph, Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, The girl of fire and thorns, The crown of Ember so I could finish all the conclusions. I hope to reread Tiger Lily soon.

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Review 287. Kat Zhang – Echoes of us.

17352960Title: Echoes of us.
Author: Kat Zhang.
Pages: 638.
Expected publication: September 16th 2014 by HarperCollins.
Sort: (Conclusion) Hybrid Chronicles #3.
Review #1. What’s left of me.
Review #2. Once we were.
Source: ARC from HarperCollins international.
To change the world, I may lose everything
All Eva ever wanted was the chance to be herself. But in the Americas, to be hybrid—to share your body with a second soul—is not tolerated past childhood. Now Eva and Addie, her sister soul, are constantly on the move, hiding from the officials who seek to capture them. But the tide is changing. A revolution is brewing, and people are starting to question the hybrids' mistreatment. Then Marion, an ambitious reporter, offers Eva and Addie a daring proposal: If they go undercover and film the wretched conditions of a hybrid institution, she will not only rescue them, she'll find a way to free Jackson, the boy Addie loves. It's risky, and Eva will have to leave Ryan and her friends behind, but if she succeeds, it could also tip the scales forever and lead to hybrid freedom. As Eva and Addie walk into danger, they cling to each other and the hope of a better future. But the price they might pay is higher than they ever could have imagined.


A good conclusion to a solid Dystopian series. It’s not the most memorable story ever, but if you want an interesting story that delivers constant quality, you might want to give this series a shot. There are no hard spoilers for any of the books.

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Review 286. Maria Snyder – Fire study.

6114921Title: Fire Study.
Author: Maria V. Snyder.
Pages: 441.
Published: January 16th 2009 by MIRA Books.
Sort: Study #3.
Part 1. Poison study.
Part 2. Magic study.

Warning: spoilers in the blurb if you haven't read the other books.
The apprenticeship is over
Now the real test has begun

When word that Yelena is a Soulfinder — able to capture and release souls—spreads like wildfire, people grow uneasy. Already Yelena's unusual abilities and past have set her apart. As the Council debates Yelena's fate, she receives a disturbing message: a plot is rising against her homeland, led by a murderous sorcerer she has defeated before. Honor sets Yelena on a path that will test the limits of her skills, and the hope of reuniting with her beloved spurs her onward. Her journey is fraught with allies, enemies, lovers and would-be assassins, each of questionable loyalty. Yelena will have but one chance to prove herself—and save the land she holds dear.

I’m glad that this book returned to the old charm from Poison Study. I was a bit underwhelmed by Magic study, but in the end, I found this one so much more enjoyable. There is more Valek time, Yelena has settled down and I liked the tension of the rise against Ixia.

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Top 10 Tuesday 37. Underrated books.

Top Ten Underrated Authors or Books in X genre.

I don’t think it will surprise you that the genre I picked is ‘Fairytales and Fantasy.’ There are definitely a lot of YA books popular in this genre, like Throne of glass & Shadow and bone, but I also have a feeling some other gems are overlooked. So today I want to spotlight 5 fairytales and 5 fantasy books I feel are underrated.

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