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4th Blogoversary | Get to know me: music.

This is the start of my celebration for my 4th blogoversary. I've been so busy lately, that I didn't have the time to post this on the right date. February 4th was the moment where I started this blog, a short time after I discovered Goodreads and the blogosphere.

For my first blogoversary I looked at some of my stats and my first friends (1st blogoversary post) My second started with a new design (the one I still have), I shared 10 random facts about me, my blogging methods and I talked about some of my favorite TV shows at that time. I sort of forgot about my third blogoversary and I didn’t have the time to celebrate it, but I thought it was time to throw another party!

I think it’s great to get to know a blogger on a more personal level. It changes someone from a face behind the computer screen to a real life person. This is one of the reasons I started doing Monthly recaps (and how I enjoy writing them!) and why I started Mel in Movieland, because I love so many other things besides reading. I think tags are a great way to get more personal too, like the 20 things you might not know about me tag. I opened up a lot on my blog by sharing my bullying story, my fear of making language mistakes and by telling that I’m socially awkward. I think it’s fantastic that I’m able to share all these things with you guys and how supportive you always are.

I told you before that Blogging has changed my life in so many ways – and I still stand behind everything I said. I am now friends with so many inspiring people who motivate me. If I look at how much I have grown as a blogger and how many things I still want to explore, I don’t think I will grow tired of blogging any time soon. Thank you all for sticking around and for being the awesome you.

Now on to the purpose of this post; after a quick look through my older posts, I realized I have never talked about music before. I am someone who listens to music all the time, especially while I’m reading. Silence makes me nervous and too aware of other noises, so I love to put on some of my favorite music. I’ve gone through a lot of different music styles. When I was younger I was a big fan of rock. Kamelot, Nightwish and Within Temptation are three bands I was obsessed with. Nowadays I prefer slower and softer music, so almost everything I listen to is Folk/Indie.

Mumford and sons
This band started my love. They are a British folk rockband from London. Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane also started in 2007. In 2013 they went on a break with no end date, but in 2014 they luckily returned and they released a new album this year with a different sound. I think Wilder Mind is my favorite album by this band so far. Check out their number Home, which I can’t find on any cd. It’s amazing. I am also incredibly excited, because I managed to purchase two tickets for their concert in May this year. It's my second concert ever and I am thrilled I was fast enough to buy those tickets.

First aid kit
Swedish folkduo with the sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. They started in 2007 and write their own music. They have four albums and their last two (The lion’s roar and Stay gold) are my favorite ones. I adore: To a poet, Stay gold and A long time ago.

An American folk rockband from Denver. Gitarist and singer Wesley Schultz, drummer and mandolin player Jeremiah Fraitest and celiste, pianist and mandolin playster Neyla Pakerek. They have one album and I’m in love with Ho Hey and Stubborn love. Their new album is on the way.

Hurricane love
I recently discovered Hurricane love, a Swedish band, and I just can’t stop listening to their songs. I’m forever sad that this group recently announced that they stopped. They started in 2012 and released one album. It’s crazy that people who are so passionate and who can sing SO beautiful live are so unknown. Just listen to it: Nowhere to go (acoustic live) and Only human (acoustic live)

bear's den
A British alternative folk band from West London, started in 2012. Numbers: Agape, The love we stole, Above the clouds of Pompeii and A year ago today.

Passenger is the artist name of the British singer-songwriter Michael Rosenberg. He has a total of seven albums and he makes folk, indie pop and indie rock songs. He has so many good songs, here is one to get the idea of what he makes: Fear of fear.

Some random numbers I really like:
Boy & Bear – Southern sun.
Tom Odell – Another love.
Sia – Elastic heart.
The head and the heart – Josh McBride. (live version)
Mighty oaks – Just one day.
Vance Joy - Fire & Flood. I think you might know him from Riptide.
Jason Isaac - Waiting here.
Matthew and the Atlas - I followed fires.

I'm also a fan of Adele, Birdy and Coldplay. That’s it you guys! Here is an idea of what type of music I listen too.

Do you have any recommendations? Do you also like any of these bands?
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Review 251. MarcyKate Connolly - Ravenous.

Heidi HeiligTitle: Ravenous.
Author: MarcyKate Connolly.
Pages:  432.
Published: February 9th 2016 by HarperCollins Children's Books.
Sort: Part 2 of Monstrous.
Source: I received a copy from the publisher on Edelweiss.
A witch has come to the city of Bryre. She travels in a hut that has chicken feet, and is ravenous for children. And once she gets what she desires, she never lets it go. But when the witch captures Hans, Greta’s little brother, Greta refuses to let her have him. The two strike up a bargain. Greta will retrieve something the witch desires in exchange for her brother’s freedom. To get the prize Greta must travel to Belladoma—a city where she was once held captive—which brings back terrible memories. With the help of a new friend, Dalen, a magical half-boy and half-horse, Greta embarks on the journey and tries to overcome both foes and her own weaknesses.

The first thing I want to address is: how amazing are these covers from Monstrous and Ravenous together? Middle Grade books definitely belong to my favorite style, with drawings and details. The best part is that the inside matches the outside, because this was a highly enjoyable story.

Ravenous is set in the same world and time as Monstrous, but is not much of a sequel. There are a few shout-outs to Kymera and Ren, the protagonist and secondary character from Monstrous, but in principle this book could be read as a stand-alone. I would recommend to read the both of them though, because they are both surprising in their own way.

Greta is one of the kidnapped girls that were kept as food in Belladoma. She returned home, but all that is left of her family is her little brother, Hans. Greta desperately wants to find out what happened to their parents and why they suddenly left, but she knows she must take care of Hans now. The two manage to survive until Hans is taken by a hungry witch. Greta makes a deal: she must bring an old treasure that belonged to the deceased king of Belladoma and in return, she can have Hans back. This is the start of a big adventure, because things does not come easy to Greta. She is not the only one hunting down this item and some are willing to go far to get it in their hands.

I loved Greta and her protectiveness over Hans. She was a clever, brave girl who is willing to sacrifice anything to keep her brother save. Their relationship was definitely a fun addiction to the story. What I also admired about this book is that the author never makes it feel or sound too childish, but at the same time Greta does not feel too old for her age. This results in a book that is great for any age. The author also does not shy away from giving emotional punches, something I also noticed in Monstrous.

The only thing is that the plot could have moved a little bit faster at times, but it also gave time for development. Greta meets a half-boy/half-animal from a village made out of different animal-people and I liked how their friendship develops. In the beginning they are forced to be together, but slowly they start to appreciate each other. I liked their mutual respect.

Definitely a good spin on Hansel and Gretel!

quote review“Up until the day they left, we were happy together.
Happiness is not something I’ll ever trust easily again."
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101 survival guide: how to conquer your internet apocalypse.

I had to survive in a no-internet climate for four weeks and let me tell you this, it was a challenge. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm addicted to the internet, but it has integrated itself in my life and it has become an important (and welcome) presence. During those weeks I had to find ways to keep myself occupied – so I would not go crazy about the fact I could not blog, keep up with the blogophere and friends, watch Netflix or stalk Goodreads. I could do a few things on my mobile phone, and boy did I go over my data, and I have leeched on the internet of my parents like a parasite when I had the chance, but having internet is way easier and more comfortable.

1. Re-organize those shelves. Luckily for me, the no-internet problem was caused by moving into my own place. One thing that kept me quite busy was unpacking all the boxes and best of all: re-arranging my shelves! I could start with a blank canvas and for two days I switched books around and carefully thought about a system that would be A. easy in use and B. pleasing to the eye. In case you lose internet with another reason, I highly recommended going through your shelves and do some re-organization.

2. Watching and sleeping. A new job and therefor a new schedule to get adjusted to also worked. Most of the time I was so tired when I got home, I ate some food and then ended up in bed with a movie. These days made it easy to not think about anything else but relaxing and sleeping. I bet watching movies and sleeping could count as survival tips too.

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Retelling February '16 | Favorite Disney quotes.

Don’t forget to tweet and Instagram with the hash-tag #fairytaleRC. At the end of this post you can put links to your challenge page/post and every review you post on your blog. Please make this easy to navigate by putting it like this:”

UPDATE  @ your name/blog name. This is your master post, like your challenge page.
REVIEW – book title @ your name/blog name.

My progress:
I already read two books: C.J Redwine - The shadow queen and Megan Morrison - Grounded. Both were really good, so I would recommend them. What did you read?

I always think fairytales are inspirational. Some stories have beautiful morals and I think Disney managed to translate those lessons into their movies. Some people might disagree about the role of Disney princesses, but I already came to the defence of some, so I came up with eight quotes from several movies that made me think. (Also a reminded: don't forget about the bingo card! You have until March to fill in at least one square, so you can join the giveaway in December)

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Monthly recap January '16 | Moving & Beauty and the beast.

Monthly-recap_thumb6This post recaps my month: my personal life, all the books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and links to posts that interest me.
OUAT_thumb3January 4th was the first day at my job and I am LOVING it. It is a great feeling to realize that my 4 years of study paid off. My colleagues are great and they already trust me with a lot of work, so I'm really in the right spot. I've been exhausted though, because I learn new information every day and it sucks the energy out of me. (Worth it!)

KeysWe also moved into our new place. We did the big move on Saturday January 2nd and things are coming together now. We had a lot of trouble with gass and electricity, but that worked out. We also had to fix a leaking pipe and we went through some internet drama, but we are together and it's starting to feel like home.  Just a few boxes left. I will post some picture when it's all done!

My shelves are entirely done and I can finally showcase my collection in the way they deserve it. I donated around 250 books (crazy, right?) and it was hard in the beginning, but I'm really happy I did it. More space for all the new books I got, hehe.

There was a book club meeting and we had our Secret Santa exchange. Everyone was happy with their gifts, we had great food and a good service. We also had a second book club where we ate sushi, yum.

We celebrated the 55 years of happy marriage from my grandmother and grandfather by going out for dinner. It was fun hanging out with the family and yummy food! It is adorable to see those two together, still in love.

Beauty and the beast
Beauty and the beast goodies

But one of the best things I did this month was definitely the Beauty and the beast musical. I think you all know by now that I have an undying love for Disney and that I'm the biggest fan of Beauty and the beast. I saw the production from 2005 and comparing them, I think I like this one a little better except for Belle. Gaston and the Beast were a-ha-mazing. I loved the decor and the music gave me tingles. It was fun hanging out with our group of eight and it was a night I will not forget and I got some goodies to remind myself of it (mug, notebook, t-shirt, tote bag and book with photographs)

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TTT | 2015 releases I meant to read (but didn't)

I'm going to cheat and use an older TTT that I forgot to share. Every year I try to read as many books as possible, but in the end you always find out there are still a billion other book waiting for you. I think 2015 has been the most spectacular year so far, with many publication that made me wish I had an endless amount of time (and money) Here are ten books published in 2015 that I was planning to read, but then didn't.


Sabaa Tahir – An ember in the ashes.
This book was really hyped up, but then the negative reviews started to pour in on my feed and I lost track of it. I might pick it up anyway, but it's not high on my priority list anymore.
Marie Rutkoski – The winner's crime.
I have no excuses for this one. I definitely need to get a copy and read it.
Julie Kagawa – Iron warrior.
I simply forgot this book was released this year. Definitely a book I want to read any time soon.

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